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I’ve been on a film shooting kick since Christmas when I brought home my Papaw’s old camera. It’s a 35mm Canon F-1 with a 50mm 1.4 lens. I use the same, but newer, version of this lens for the majority of my work digitally. I love how I have to take my time with this camera because everything is manual. I feel like I shoot differently because I don’t want to waste any frames. What a concept, huh?? I think digital has kind of ruined that feeling (still love you, digital!). But anyway, I wanted to experiment with portraits on this camera because I always love the look of film. And who better to experiment with than my sister and her boyfriend? I’ll have to share some of the non-portrait photos I’ve taken with this camera as well. Film = fun!

And If you’re interested in a film session experiment, let me know by clicking the “contact” link in the upper left menu!

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