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Cherry Blossom Season | Photographs from D.C.

01_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson02_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson03_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson04_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson05_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson06_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson07_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson08_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson09_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson10_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson11_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson12_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson13_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson14_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson15_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson16_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson17_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson18_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarsonI don’t know how many of you can relate to this, but during the winter months after the holidays are over I tend to get the winter blues really badly. Even though I like cold weather, the lack of sunshine and the general halt of all festive social gatherings really starts to bum me out. My mom feels the same way, so a couple years ago we started taking a little getaway together around February every year to help lift our spirits!

This year our schedules couldn’t line up until the end of March. An opportunity to see a ballet friend’s performance in D.C. prompted us to pick our nation’s capital for our mother-daughter trip.

Not realizing it at the time we booked the trip, I started to wonder if we might be there when the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin were in bloom. I started checking forecast websites weekly and as our travel dates got closer, predictions for peak bloom dates were leaning towards the week of our visit! This is earlier than usual so I didn’t let myself get my hopes up. But three days before our flights out, the National Park Service said the peak bloom dates would start the following day! We completely lucked out!

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