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My husband was backstage waiting to take his bow in The Oklahoma Nutcracker two years ago. This was not his first ballet appearance, as I had dragged him into playing my Act I Party Scene Husband the previous two years as well. But at this final curtain call, he’s talking to his buddies (Oh, yeah. I dragged them in as well..) about what kind of beer they want to brew next weekend. Standing nearby is Charlotte, decked out in her elegant classical tutu for her lead role as The Sand Plum Fairy. Thinking she’s just striking up friendly conversation, Trae answers “Yes” when she asks if they brew. But then her next question was the turning point of a friendship, I believe: “What kind of system do you have?”

I remember as soon as we got home after the show that Trae was so excited to tell me about the conversation he had just had with “the guest artist”. We were hosting an unofficial cast party at our home that evening so he had invited Charlotte and Marcus to come. They did, and we had a great time – and have had many great times with them since then!

Marcus & Charlotte are finishing grad school at OU this week and will be moving to the Northwest in a short matter of time. They haven’t had portraits taken together since their wedding (we almost share the same anniversary!), so a photo session was in order before they left! Notice the cameo of their cat, CC, and the graduation gown-turned hand puppets :)

May 9, 2012 - 10:49 pm

John Hart - That one with only the flower is my favorite!

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