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A Saturday Morning in SoHo | Model Sarah Roesler


Last month while in Washington, D.C. I took advantage of being a temporary East Coaster by busing up to Manhattan to hang with my family for a weekend! My cousin, Sarah, and I spent Saturday morning grabbing coffee at Happy Bones in SoHo – a place that was on my list back in November when I was in town, but never made it to! Since it was somewhat early in the morning, the shopping crowds were sparse so we wandered leisurely while we drank our coffee and photoshooted :) This is Sarah’s go-to comfortable outfit and I love how 90s it is!

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Ballerina Brittany Cavaco | Smithsonian Gardens D.C.


Working with Brittany Cavaco was one of the most wonderful experiences! She’s not only a professional ballerina (currently dancing with The Washington Ballet) but a model as well. Her professionalism and ability to completely dedicate herself to a moment was a beautiful thing to witness. Inspiring!

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Published in Southern Living!


I am over the moon excited to share that my work is published in the July 2016 issue of Southern Living! Featured are six photos from around the lake community of Carlton Landing – all on one page together with my name in the crease! :) The photos accompany a story on town founders Grant and Jen Humpreys, their family, and their decision to leave big city life to build this unique town. Their home was photographed by Southern Living and I was lucky enough to assist at the shoot! That experience also opened the door to assisting at two other shoots over last summer. I am so grateful for those opportunities since editorial work has always been a great interest of mine!

The Deets –> Southern Living, July 2016 Issue, Page 43. Check it out. I signed my step-mom’s copy and I’ll sign yours too ;)

Photos printed originally seen here. Other picturesque Carlton Landing shoots here and here!

Cherry Blossom Season | Photographs from D.C.

01_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson02_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson03_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson04_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson05_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson06_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson07_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson08_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson09_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson10_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson11_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson12_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson13_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson14_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson15_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson16_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson17_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarson18_DC_CherryBlossoms_March2016_JanaCarsonI don’t know how many of you can relate to this, but during the winter months after the holidays are over I tend to get the winter blues really badly. Even though I like cold weather, the lack of sunshine and the general halt of all festive social gatherings really starts to bum me out. My mom feels the same way, so a couple years ago we started taking a little getaway together around February every year to help lift our spirits!

This year our schedules couldn’t line up until the end of March. An opportunity to see a ballet friend’s performance in D.C. prompted us to pick our nation’s capital for our mother-daughter trip.

Not realizing it at the time we booked the trip, I started to wonder if we might be there when the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin were in bloom. I started checking forecast websites weekly and as our travel dates got closer, predictions for peak bloom dates were leaning towards the week of our visit! This is earlier than usual so I didn’t let myself get my hopes up. But three days before our flights out, the National Park Service said the peak bloom dates would start the following day! We completely lucked out!

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