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In May my husband and I took a trip to Seattle to visit our friends Marcus and Charlotte. Marcus and Charlotte both graduated from grad school last year and after an amazing celebratory trip to Alaska they came home for a couple days to pack up their lives and move to the Pacific Northwest. We were so happy to get to visit them and visit one of our favorite parts of the country! I’m blogging about our trip on my personal travel blog if you’d care to read in detail about our adventures.

The last bottom right photo you may notice was taken at the train station. Trae and I took a 24 hour trip to Vancouver via the Amtrak from Seattle which I will share photos of next!

All images taken with Fuji 400h|Contax 645|Processed at RPL

July 15, 2013 - 5:04 am

VANCOUVER VACATION PHOTOS 2013 » Jana Carson Photography - […] a side trip to our Seattle vacation, my husband and I took an Amtrak bus (we were hoping for the train!) to Vancouver for a day. This […]

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