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One of my favorite Thanksgivings! Dad went with the marching band to represent Oklahoma’s centennial in the Macy’s Parade, so my sister and I knew we had to be there! That Wednesday night we (my sister, my cousin, and I) slept for maybe three hours before meeting Dad near Herald Square for the Pride’s 4am rehearsal call time. We weren’t expecting to get to watch rehearsal, but everything moved so quickly that we just walked on over and stood by the tv operators. It was surreal! They did the run through a couple times for camera blocking and then that was it! We had time to kill before the parade started at 9am so we watched some of the balloons being blown up and found Dad’s old brownstone from when he lived in the city. We watched the parade at the starting line at 77th and Central Park West. This gave us enough time to see as much as we wanted and then go back to the apartment and watch everything on tv! Epic Thanksgiving trip that I will never stop talking about!

This year we’re having Thanksgiving with family in Dallas and again with immediate family on Friday here in Norman. At some point Trae and I will have a meal with his parents as well, but not before second shooting a wedding with Caroline on Saturday! Wishing everyone a day full of love, family, friends, and PIE!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!!

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