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Back in January, hosted a photo contest on their facebook page for International Tutu Day. It happened to be the same day that some of my dance friends were coming over to be photographed in the snow. So that evening I submitted one of the photos from our shoot to the contest and next thing we know we’re in the semi-finals! We ended up with the most votes in the contest – winning People’s Choice! The prize was a free tutu and it just arrived this weekend :)

The video below is a thank you to for having the contest, and a thank you to everyone who took the time to vote – all 234 of you! I have given the tutu to the studio where I dance, Awen Academy of Ballet & Ballroom. Awen just opened in June of 2010 and this piece will be the start of their official costume collection! We are so thankful and excited to have won and to have such a superior quality tutu to call our own.


The winning photo!


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