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Winter in New Mexico

Between Christmas and New Year’s we spent some time in New Mexico with Trae’s parents and our friend, Jonathan. One of the great things about visiting somewhere that you have been many times is that you can be content with just doing nothing. This was one of those truly relaxing trips (the lack of internet might have something to do with that too). We barely made any plans until the minute we decided to do something. It was also very cold, so I did not venture out much for photography. I blame it on Oklahoma having such a mild winter that my body went into shock once we got there. No joke!

The third image down is of Trae and Jonathan at Comanche Creek Brewing. A microbrewery nestled in the mountains just outside Eagle Nest, Comanche Creek has become a staple visit for us in the summer. Though winter proved itself a really nice time to cozy up under the heater and enjoy a few beers while admiring the snowy landscape.

If you’d like to read more about this trip, head over to our travel blog.

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